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Why Wolf Distributing?

Wolf Distributing was created from the desire to get back in the trenches.. so to speak...
We have a real passion for the wash industry, and we're convinced that the best way to make an impact is at street level. We have noticed a shift in the last couple of years that has created a gap in an important sector of our industry. Most of the equipment manufacturers and distributor's are focused on new installations and large equipment projects, and understandably, they have little time to work with the established or existing operation unless there is a reload in the works.

There are many opportunities for existing wash sites and MSO’s (multi site operators) to make small changes that will improve their customer offering and satisfaction, increase their revenue and/or add convenience and controls for managing their operation. Far too many great sites hit the “For Sale” market for various reasons. Lack of revenue or excessive time commitment can be deal breakers for many investors. Personally, we have learned far more from the established operators than any other sector of industry. There are so many talented individuals more than happy to share their successes and their failures for all of us to learn from. Sometimes all it takes is a few minor adjustments, small changes to create new energy and elevate results.